Spanish Classical and Flamenco guitars are the instruments I am most interested in making. Not only because of their beauty and the enchanting sound they produce, but also because of the history and culture they possess.

In my workshop we make each and every component of the guitar using planes, chisels, files, rasps and a lot more manual instrument making tools. The entire instrument is designed, built and finished in the same place by the same hands. Our guitars are created with great respect for the natural materials that the world provides us with.
With the utmost patience we are always trying to obtain the best possible quality so that the clients, musicians, can express their musical language with the right timbre, balance and volume at every note.

It is gracious to see the guitars, the creations of my very own hands and mind, travel around the world acompanying the musician who play them. I consider each instrument as a child born from my hands and my soul, although the musician is the one who raises it and makes it grow, imprinting their own and unique character.

A constant curiosity has always driven me, making it impossible for me to limit myself to a single interest. That is why I am always experimenting with other instruments. There are always several side projects in development. Driven by that curiosity I started building, among other instruments, flamenco cajones, which I continue to make and improve every day.