The Spanish guitar, Classical and Flamenco, is the instrument that I am most interested in building. Not only because of its beauty and the enchanting sound that the guitarist can produce with it, but also because of the history and culture that it possesses.

In my workshop I personally build each and every part that makes up the guitar using the brushes, chisels and files that rest on the wall above the workbench. Thus, the whole instrument is designed, built and finished in the same place and by the same person. With a lot of respect for the natural materials that the world provides us with and a lot of patience I create the guitars, always trying to obtain the maximum quality so that the clients, musicians, can enjoy them a lot and make them sound the best possible.

It makes me laugh when my guitars, my creations, travel around the world with their owner. I consider each instrument as a child born from my hands and my soul, although the musician is the one who raises it and makes it grow, imprinting its own and unique character.

Out of unstoppable curiosity, it is impossible for me to limit myself to a single interest. That is why I am always experimenting with other instruments. That’s how I started building flamenco cajones, which I continue to make and improve every day.

I also experiment with other luthier instruments and many other artistic disciplines.

So, for example, I build flamenco boxes, I keep making them and I keep improving them.