The workshop is situated in Nigüelas, a Beautiful Andalusian white village at the edge of the Sierra Nevada. When I first arrived in the area, looking for a place to…

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Spanish Classical and Flamenco guitars are the instruments I am most interested in making. Not only because of their beauty and the enchanting sound they produce, but also because of…

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At the age of 16, I started training as a luthier at the International Luthiery School of Antwerp (ILSA). After graduating three years later, I also studied the restoration of…

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Taller Escuela – Luthiers



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Electric Bass

In these time of confinement it`s hard to continue work as usual. Clients can´t get to the workshop doors.and the day to day routine had to change. Therefor I decided…

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Construcción de Guitarras

Video: Capricho Árabe – Jose Diego Molina

This summer we made an audiovisual recording of Francisco Tárregas “Capricho Árabe” performed by the aspiring Granada based Classical and Flamenco guitarist, José Diego Molina Villanueva. The sounds of an…

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Video: Fitting and gluing the back of a flamenco guitar.

A video of the method applied in my workshop for the placement of the back of the guitar to the sound box. A method strongly inspired by the traditional process…

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