The flamenco guitar we make in the workshop is a unique design with a rather wide plantilla. The guitar is inspired by ideas of Santos Hernández as well as some more of the Masters of his Era.
The soundbox of this guitar is slightly larger than the traditional Granada-guitar. This way the sound has a little more debth.

Flamenco guitars can be divided into two types, Flamenca Negra and Flamenca Blanca. The Flamenca Blanca has a more direct and percussive sound and is therefor more suited to accompany singers and dances.
The Flamenca Negra, on the other hand, has more debth and a warmer timbre, it’s therefor more suited as a concertguitar.

The Flamenca Negra has traditionally a Spruce top and Rosewood for back and sides. It is also possible to make a Concert Flamenco guitar with a Western Red Cedar top. There are many different types of rosewood and also other woods, such as, Cocobolo, Ziricote, Bubinga and many more, can be used for back and sides, Please contact us to inform what we have in stock.
The Flamenca Blanca has also traditionally a Spruce, although it can also be made with Western Red Cedar. The back and sides are made of Spanish Cipress.