This Classical guitar is inspired by Antonio de Torres and other Masters of the past.
However it is also strongly influenced by José Luis Romanillos.
His construction methods are unique and very interesting. I believe he is a very intelligent and innovative luthier. I was lucky to briefly get to know him and his workshop with my fellow students at ILSA. Although I didn’t learn from him directly, I spent four years learning from the teachers at ILSA (international luthiery school of Antwerp) who did study with him.

For the Master series we look for exceptional quality wood. The woods that can be used for the soundboards are Spruce or Cedar, each providing a very different timbre. For the back and sides several types of Rosewoods can be used, or Ziricote, Cocobolo, Exotic Ebony, Bubinga, flamed Maple, etc.

The decorational features are designed to fit the natural shapes and colors of the woods in the guitar. Every Master series guitar has a different design, and can be shaped to the clients wishes.