In these time of confinement it`s hard to continue work as usual. Clients can´t get to the workshop doors.and the day to day routine had to change.
Therefor I decided it´d be good to focus in something else then the usual work, so that after that again i´d be able to concentrate on the Spanish guitars that I´m currently working on.
That´s why I decided to design and make an electric Bass guitar.

In the past three weeks we realized this project, a rather different one then my usual work.
We designed and made our very own bass guitar. The idea was to make a prototype for us to play and as an example for potential clients.
The design is partially based on the classic concept of the Fender Jazzbass, but also on our creative ideas.
Just like I try to do in all my projects, we tried to bring out and accentuate the natural lines, shapes and colours of the timber itself. The result is a simple, elegant and natural design.